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<big>'''Hosted by [https://miraheze.org Miraheze]'''</big>
<big>''' [https://miraheze.org Miraheze]에서 호스팅됨'''</big>
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<!--[[Category:Non-test pages]]-->

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About us

TestWiki is a project that provides an environment for users to experiment with administrator and bureaucrat permissions, templates, extensions, and other features provided by the MediaWiki software. TestWiki does not require "confirmation edits" on other projects before permissions are granted.
Even if this is a test wiki, we still have policies. Please see TestWiki:Policies.

What do we offer?

We offer a place to test administrative tools in a(n):

  • Friendly and relaxed testing environment.
  • Environment where mistakes aren't punished, they're a learning experience.
  • Welcoming atmosphere where you can get help if needed.
  • Experience to someday become an administrator on your home wiki.
  • Helpful, trained users who are able to give advice and help you through your testing experience.

Why join?

By joining this community you are setting foot into a fun environment that will provide invaluable experience when you are running for adminship or requesting other advanced permissions on your home wiki. Here we offer you the ability to test freely with minimal restrictions what-so-ever. We would like to provide for you the ability to get to know how the Mediawiki software works and let you experience first hand how to do things. Soon, we will be offering training programs, or admin-schools to get you even more prepared for your future wiki career of being an admin. Don't worry though, if you don't intend on becoming an admin anywhere, you're still welcome to test your heart out! To sign up, head on over to create an account.

Some things to keep in mind…

While you're testing, please keep these few simple rules in mind. These rules help keep the community a friendly and enjoyable place to be in.

  • Please make sure your edits do not interfere with the activities of other users.
  • Blocking other users as a test is fine, but please remember to unblock them once you're done.
  • When blocking other users as a test, please don't keep the block active for more than 2 hours.
  • Please remember to clean up your tests after test done.
  • Use common sense when deciding whether or not something is allowed.

This is a shortened version of the testing policy, which provides guidelines on what is and what isn't allowed here. If you have any questions, please read the testing policy before posting in the community portal.


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