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(Establishing, as official policy the Tor users user group consistent with the approved successful community proposal.)
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'''Tor users''' is a very specific, special purpose (mostly) testing permission that allows ''trusted'' users on '''Public Test Wiki''' (usually non-[[TestWiki:Bureaucrats|bureaucrat]] [[TestWiki:Administrators|administrators]]) to bypass the automatic global blocking of [[w:Tor (anonymity network)|Tor]] exit nodes. This user group is primarily used by users who don't want the bureaucrat bit, but it is also granted, from time to time, to a user who is trusted as an ''administrator'' but who is not necessarily trusted yet to have the full bureaucrat bit. Likewise, for administrators who have previously been granted this user group have given cause to call have their trustworthiness called into question but not necessarily to the extent of revoking their <code>sysop</code> flag, any consul or bureaucrat ''may'', in their absolute discretion, revoke this user group. Please note that if you are already a [[TestWiki:Bureaucrats|bureaucrat]] (or [[TestWiki:Consuls|consul]], obviously), the user right <code>torunblocked</code> is automatically included within the respective user groups, and that there is no need to add this separate user group.
To obtain the [[TestWiki:Tor users|Tor users]] user group to be able to be edit through [[w:Tor (anonymity network)|Tor]], you must be: