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    Template documentation

    This is the lua or rewrite version of Template:EmojiDisplay. Using lua improves the template quite a bit. The lua code of this template is here. The full list of emojis is here.

    Usage: {{Miramoji|emoji|emoji size|additional css optional}}
    Example: {{Miramoji|christmas|22}}
    Result of Example (generated right now): Christmas Tree.png

    The template was created on 17 November 2021 00:49 AM (UTC) or 07:49 AM (UTC+7) to replace the old EmojiDisplay template.

    Benefits of the template being lua:

    • Loads faster
    • Can be substituted
    • Easier animated emojis
    List of Emojis in Template:Miramoji
    List of Emojis (Click Expand)