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Consuls are, primarily, the main "not-for-testing" user group. Among other things, Consuls have the right to remove the bureaucrat bit from any user (bureaucrats can only give the bit to others) and assign bots permanently (bureaucrats can assign the bot flag temporarily to their own account or others' accounts, but shouldn't approve permanent bot accounts, at least not without having a Consul review such requests first).

Eligibility and Methodology for Granting

You can request Consul on the community portal, where you will get chosen per consensus (not like administrator or bureaucrat).


A Consul can only be demoted only by a steward, and will only be demoted in one of these instances:

  • it is requested at TestWiki:Community portal with overwhelming consensus;
  • the user has demonstrated obvious misuse of the bit on this wiki (i.e., unprecedented removal of permissions from all bureaucrats or other consuls);
  • the user has been abusive across wikis; or,
  • the user has in any way violated Miraheze's global policies or standards

List of Consuls

The founding (first) Consuls are:

Other Consuls include:

List of Consuls' User Group Rights

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