Template:Abusefilter notice/doc

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This template provides a quick and easy way to load a similar looking message for abusefilter warnings.

There are two parameters: action and text, each of which is required.

For action, the options are: tag, warn, noedit, block, degroup

For text, the user is required to input the actual message. It is suggested (but not required) that the message end with the following line: "A brief description of the abuse rule that your action has matched is: $1" and that the message includes a note about who to contact if the user believes he or she tripped the filter in error.

Each box comes pre-defined with an image and color depending on the action chosen.

This is the block action.

This is the degroup action.

This is the noedit action.

This is the warn action.

This is the tag action.