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CheckUser evidence has determined that this IP address or network has been used (not necessarily by you) to disrupt Test Wiki. It has been blocked from editing to prevent further abuse. If you get this message, please read the following information.
Test Wiki tries to be open, but we sometimes must block a range of IP addresses or an entire network, to prevent editing by abusers, vandals, or block evaders. These "range blocks" can affect users who have done nothing wrong. If you are a legitimate user, follow the instructions below to edit despite the block. Users who are the intended target of a range block may still appeal the block.

IP users (without an account): If you do not currently have an account and wish to bypass this block, an account can be created to allow you to edit. Please contact any administrator and they can create an account for you. Make sure to specify your preferred username and a valid email address. Please do not ask for a specific password - one will be randomly selected and emailed to you. It is highly recommended that you make reference to this block.

Registered users (with an account): Please ensure you are logged in to your account. Usually these blocks only affect anonymous users, so you should be able to edit while logged in to your account. If for some reason you are not, please contact an admin for further review.

Administrators: CheckUsers are privy to confidential system logs not accessible by the public or administrators due to Miraheze's privacy policy. You must not remove this block without consulting a CheckUser. Administrators who undo checkuser blocks without permission may be summarily desysopped.