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Parameters[edit source]

Important: you need to close two divs to end the box after your text. like: </div></div>


  • background-color (bgcol): red|yellow|orange|green|blue|grey|purple|white
  • shadow: off|(in)
    Default is on, (in means inside box, results in shading. its actually BUGGED!)
  • border-style:
    CSS definition of border-style property.
    Default is none
    To enable set it to solid.
  • border-color (bcol): turns on border 2px solid in defined col. choose from the 6 basic colors.
  • width: anything css understands (px, %, em)
        Default is nothing which sets width to 100% of the parent.
  • display:
    CSS definition of display property.
    Default is <not defined>.
  • margin:
    Default is margin-top: 1.5em.