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The template {{RfP/boilerplate}} creates request for rights for a given user. This is the first attempt to implement {{template documentation}}

Parameter list[edit source]

permissionwanted permissionAdministratoroptional
userwanted userNo user givenoptional
reasonreasonNo reason givenoptional

Copy&paste[edit source]


Application[edit source]

unfolds as wikitext:
=='"`UNIQ--h-5--QINU`"' No user given (Administrator) ==

*'''Status:''' [[File:Pictogram voting comment.svg|15px|link=]]&nbsp;'''Awaiting Reply''' * User: <span>[[User:No user given|No user given]] ( [[User talk:No user given|talk]] · [[Special:Contributions/No user given|contribs]] · [[Special:DeletedContributions/No user given|deleted]] · [[Special:Log/No user given|logs]] · [[Special:UserRights/No user given|rights]] · [[Special:CentralAuth/No user given|CentralAuth]] ) </span> * Requested group/permission: Administrator

* Reason for requesting: No reason given
renders as
== No user given (Administrator) ==

Wikitext[edit source]

<includeonly><onlyinclude>== {{{user|No user given}}} ({{{permission|Administrator}}}) ==

*{{RfPStatus|status=|by=}}<!-- Only Consuls or Bureaucrats should change this - Status=wd,done,no,held,deferred,stale,pd (partially done) - by=user who responded --> * User: {{RFP/User|{{{user|No user given}}}}} * Requested group/permission: {{{permission|Administrator}}} * Reason for requesting: {{{reason|No reason given}}}</onlyinclude> </includeonly>

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