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<languages />

<includeonly><onlyinclude> {{#switch:{{NAMESPACENUMBER}} |3|10= == Welcome! == {{{!}} style="background-color:black; padding:0;" cellpadding="0" {{!}}{{!}} style="border:0px solid lightgrey; background-color:white; vertical-align:top; color:black; font-size:90%"{{!}} {{{!}} width="100%" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="3" style="vertical-align:top; background-color:#99ccff; padding:0;" ! <div style="margin:1; background-color:#ffffff; font-family:sans-serif; font-size:109%; font-weight:normal; border:1px solid lightgrey; text-align:justify; padding-left:0.8em; padding-right:0.8em; padding-top:0.4em; padding-bottom:0.4em;">[[File:NewLogo.png{{!}}center{{!}}link=Template:Welcome]]<br>'''Hello, {{BASEPAGENAME}}!'''<br> Welcome to '''Public Test Wiki!''' Thank you for [[Special:Contributions/{{BASEPAGENAME}}{{!}}your contributions]]!{{#if:{{{art{{!}}}}}{{!}}, such as the ones you made at [[{{{art}}}]].{{!}}.}} I hope that you get the most out of The Test Wiki! If you have any questions you can ask at the [[ TestWiki:Community portal{{!}}Community Portal]]. Please remember to '''sign your name''' on talk pages by typing four tildes "~&#126;~~"; this will automatically produce your name and the date. If you so desire, feel free to [[TestWiki:Request permissions{{!}}request sysop rights]], taking care to read the [[TestWiki:Administrators|information page]] on how to do so. Finally, please do your best to always fill in the '''edit summary''' field. Happy editing! </div> {{!}}} {{!}}} |#default=<div class="strong error">This template should be used in {{ns:3}} namespace only</div> }}</onlyinclude> </includeonly>

{{Template documentation}}