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Requesting Permissions[edit]

To request permissions please go to TestWiki:Request permissions, and click the button "Get permissions",

You will also have to change the text after "permission" to "Administrator" or "Bureaucrat", please notice Bureaucrats have more special requirements.

Protecting, Deleting, Unprotecting, Undeleting[edit]

To Protect, Delete, Unprotect, and Undelete simply click the "More" button in the bar topside-right.

Please be sure to set it as a "Test" and "Test done", unless its not a test, and needs protection to be done on the page.

What's Miraheze?[edit]

Miraheze is a Wiki farm based on Volunteers, founded by Southparkfan and John. It currently hosts Public TestWiki.

To request a wiki, and for further information, please see: Miraheze