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Summary by Doug

Discussion moved from TestWiki talk:Policies/bn to TestWiki talk:Policies by MdsShakil. Moral of the story: Generally speaking, don't use language subpage talk pages for discussions. MdsShakil also attempted to confirm that they are the same MdsShakil on Wikimedia; however, note that for this to be valid, they would need to make an edit on a Wikimedia project wiki, then link to that diff somewhere on Miraheze

MdsShakil (talkcontribs)

Hey Dmehus, You have recently removed TestWiki talk:Policies/bn. We needed to take a little notice before removing it Because we discussed an important issue, whether the word "testwiki" should be translated or not. I restore the discussion back to the main page. And yes, wikimedia MdsShakil and Miraheze MdsShakil are same

Doug (talkcontribs)