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This is SMB99thx. If you know me, I'm a Wikipedia editor. My works include LTA fighting, and I would like to assist y'all. I don't really have good English as I come from Indonesia, and my English can be confusing sometimes.

Currently, I'm not looking for advanced rights. Keep that in mind for now. I came on here in the first place because I have been fighting two Wikipedia LTAs, which I will not disclose for my personal safety. I am not complete with that work, but I have seen a lot of progress. I do not intend to disrupt this project, but I often make missteps lots of times. I'll do my best with what I can do. I may be more involved in the future, but as long as I don't make too many mistakes. I'm available on Miraheze Discord, and you can just ping me for a little bit of a Wikipedian's help. Thanks.