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    Quick deletion nomination of [[:{{{page}}}]]

    Hello ROOTPAGENAME}}. A tag has been placed on [[:{{{page}}}]], a page you created, requesting it to be speedy deleted from the Public Test Wiki. This has been done because either you have created the encyclopedic article or your test doesn't follow our policy. The specific reason given by the nominator was: {{{reason}}}. If you don't want the page to be deleted, you can contact any consul and request it to be restored. Additionally, if you want to request permissions, see TestWiki:Request permissions. Thank you!

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    This template is a meta-template used to create speedy deletion notifications.

    Twinkle will automatically add this message to a user's talk page whenever a page that user has created is nominated for Speedy Deletion. As such, users are unlikely to ever have cause to manually add this template to any page.


    | page     = {{{page|}}}
    | reason   = {{{2|}}}
    | comments = {{{comments|}}}

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