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    Hello, I am Universal Omega,

    I was formerly a member of Miraheze Site Reliability Engineering until March 2023, where I left SRE for numerous outstanding issues that have been raised. I am still sticking around the project as a member of the Board of Directors and community positions. My goal moving forward will be taking a more proactive role in my position as member of the Board of Directors, and trying to repair the lost trust that has resulted from some events in March 2023. Even though some things changed since my initial notice of resignation, I still decided to resign because I've decided to focus on the community and repairing the trust between the community, SRE, and the Board of Directors. Unfortunate events have taken place around this project. And to ensure events like this are avoided in the future, things need to change structurally within the Miraheze organisation.

    I am in a position to pursue some of these changes, and so I will do so. I have put a lot of time and effort into Miraheze as a member of SRE and might eventually return; the recent events greatly saddens me. I hope we can all move forward from the recent events, and build a lasting relationship between the core groups of Miraheze. One that isn't as fragile as was shown in the past, and one to ensure the survivability of Miraheze for years to come. One that we can hopefully no longer be contingent on very few core volunteers. It is time to bring Miraheze forward into a lasting organisation long past these events and beyond the current volunteers. I hope we can build a solid organisation to avoid this in the future.

    I wish SRE the best in their future regards, and hope to still be around to move this company forward.

    With regards,
    Universal Omega (talk) 19:33, 17 March 2023 (UTC)

    P.S. If anyone has any ideas on how to move this company forward or concerns you want raised to the board, please leave a message on my talk page. One thing I really hope to do and hope pans out is to find at least one Community Director whom will represent the community on the board. Ideally someone who is not at all involved in SRE or additional elevated roles, but someone whos trustworthy and sole responsibility is to repersent the community on the board.