Test Done, config is OK and template and new config for Huggle on meta will be imported tonight

Huggle is a MediaWiki diff browser intended for quick review of edits in order to find and revert vandalism and other unconstructive edits.

This software was designed for Wikimedia wikis and need some tweak for work on Miraheze wikis.

Tweaking Huggle for use on Miraheze wikis

You will need to change this file $huggle_home/Configuration/huggle3.xml the variable

<local key="GlobalConfigurationWikiAddress" text="meta.wikimedia.org/w/"/>


<local key="GlobalConfigurationWikiAddress" text="meta.miraheze.org/w/"/>

After save the file, you can launch Huggle and select the project that you want to use and login as usual with your Miraheze credentials.

Use Huggle on your own wiki

If you want to have Huggle on your wiki, you can add it to Meta:Huggle/List and create your config on this location Project:Huggle/Config.yaml. You may found the default config here.

CAUTION: If you add Huggle on your wiki, make sure to create and import page and template needed and change config because the default config is probably not OK for your wiki.