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Here on Miraheze Test Wiki users can pretty much do whatever they want. But that does not mean that we do not have policies. This and a few other pages are serious, so please try to respect it as much as possible. See also TestWiki:Testing policy.

Blocking and unblocking

Blocking is used on projects to prevent a user from editing on that project. And of course it is available for use here! Even though blocking is for testing, we do also have serious blocks for users that vandalize the project and do not follow policies. If you place a serious block please make sure to make it clear that it is serious, as to not cause confusion, and it has to have a reason, (Vandalism, Spam, etc.). And if you want to unblock a user please make sure the user was not blocked for something serious, in that case ask the blocker before unblocking. If you want to place a test block on another user please make it 2 hours or less. You may create test accounts to test blocks or you can place blocks on yourself.

Deleting and undeleting pages

Most of the pages on this wiki can be deleted. But please make sure to not delete policy pages such as this one or user pages/user talk pages. Policy pages will be marked to not delete.

Protecting and unprotecting

You may protect any page you wish, but there are some small exceptions. Please do not unprotect pages that are marked as "Policy/High traffic" or any serious reason. Please do not protect pages with "bureaucrat" except if it's a serious reason. If you really need to test the bureaucrat protect, please unprotect it in less than 1 hour.


As on any project please treat the other editors with respect. Harassment and intimidation is not allowed, it should be reported either to a project manager or to a Steward. And for the rest, just use common sense!

Undoing tests

After doing a test (e.g. deleting a page) please remember to UNDO this edit by using either the "undo" button or the "revert" button.