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    "探索する心さえ忘れなければ、いつか外に出られよう。私はそれを願う。 / So long as you always maintain a sense of exploration, you will someday find the way out. This is my hope." - Cave Story, 2004

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    My Wikipedia Page

    Greetings. My name is Blad.


    I originally used Fandom, but later left in 2022 due to the poor experience I had there. I was originally a user of Qualitipedia, and I joined in September 2021, until I retired due to the issues there. I no longer associate with the wikis, and I now edit The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki. My hobbies are gaming and writing. I love to play video games, my favorite being The Legend of Dark Witch 2 and Miitopia. I also write in my downtime for fun. One day, I want to become a wiki creator for Miraheze, but I have a long way to go before that happens. If you want to know what I like, see below.


    • Discord: Blad#2469, available on several MediaWiki Discords, excluding Fandom.
    • IRC: BladTheBroker, typically not used due to me using Discord.
    • Wikipedia: GooseTheGreat
    • Talk page
    • ShoutWiki: ZeusDeeGoose
    • Whiki: Blad

    Home wikis


    • The Legend of Dark Witch
    • Miitopia
    • Cave Story
    • Sonic Generations
    • Shantae
    • Blaster Master

    Not-so Favorites

    • Sonic Forces
    • Blaster Master 2


    • My favorite franchise is The Legend of Dark Witch franchise.
    • My least favorite game is Sonic Forces.