Module:If preview/configuration

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    We perform the actual check for whether this is a preview here since
    preprocessing is relatively expensive.
    local frame = mw.getCurrentFrame()
    local function is_preview()
    	local revision_id = frame:preprocess('{{REVISIONID}}')
    	-- {{REVISIONID}} is usually the empty string when previewed.
    	-- I don't know why we're checking for nil but hey, maybe someday things
    	-- would have broken
    	return revision_id == nil or revision_id == ''
    local function templatestyles()
    	return frame:extensionTag{
    		name = 'templatestyles', args = { src = 'Module:If preview/styles.css' }
    return {
    	preview = is_preview(),
    	templatestyles = templatestyles(),
    	warning_infrastructure = '%s<div class="preview-warning"><strong>Preview warning:</strong> %s</div>',
    	missing_warning = 'The template has no warning text. Please add a warning.'