TestWiki:Abuse filter policy

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    Abuse Filter is used on mediawiki projects for that restricts users to do harmful actions to the project automatically, example of restrictions such as warning, disallow, or even block a user from editing of a page. Although abuse filter is avaliable to administrators, you should follow the guideline below and use common sense.

    What this policy encourages

    If you would like to test abuse filter...

    • make it only affects the test page Abuse filter test or your user subpage;
    • set the test filter as only affecting your own account.

    What this policy prohibits

    Creating abuse filters

    • that widely restrict normal users to edit;
    • that block users actively for more than 2 hours for testing only;

    Or deleting abuse filters

    • that is used to prohibits vandalisers, usually created by Consuls.

    Most importantly, please use Common Sense!