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While blocking is a common occurrence on the testwiki, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when performing and removing blocks.

Test blocks[edit]

Blocks that are made for testing in general should be short. No more than 2 hours is a good rule of thumb, save for on accounts that are your own. When testing blocks on another user's account, it is best to get that user's permission to perform the test before doing so. Even so, please be sure to leave a note on the user's talk page explaining your tests.

Serious blocks[edit]

In general, administrators and bureaucrats should not be making serious blocks, except for obvious bad-faith disruption such as spamming the project or vandalism. If you believe a user should be blocked for other serious reasons, either request so on the Community portal, or approach a consul directly. Please be sure to supply a good reason for the block, whether you request it or make it. Failing to do so could be considered harassment on your part. Furthermore, if you block someone without a valid reason, then you could be desysopped and possibly blocked as well.


Blocks that have been made for a serious reason may be appealed to in three common places. The first is that a blocked user may appeal directly on their talk page. Second, a third user may make a request on the blocking admin's talk page. Third, a request may be made on the Community portal that the block be lifted.

When appealing a block, be sure to address the reason that the block was placed. If it is against policy, state so. However, you should avoid attacking other others such as the blocking administrator or comparing your block to that of another blocked user. Such appeals are not valid and will not be considered by the reviewing administrator. Repeatedly misusing talk page access could result in it being revoked for the duration of the block.


Do not remove or modify serious blocks unless:

  • You are a consul.
  • The blocking admin has given you the go ahead.


While generally blocking is no big deal since anyone can unblock themselves, there are still things you should not do. When in doubt, refrain from placing a block. Request assistance either on the Community portal or by approaching a consul directly.


Blocking or threatening to block a user who is in a disagreement with you is unacceptable. Users who use the block button as leverage in a dispute, even against other administrators, or who excessively block other users without a good reason, may find their rights revoked.