TestWiki:Deletion policy

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Deletion is commonly used on here on the testwiki for testing as well as serious reasons. Please be sure to understand this policy when deleting pages, revisions, or logs.

Test deletions[edit]

When deleting a page for testing reasons, please be sure to undelete the page soon after deleting.

Test pages[edit]

It is common practice to delete unique test pages after testing is complete on them. However, pages that can be commonly used to test one or more actions should be left for other users to experiment on.

It is not recommended to delete another user's test pages without their permission, unless they are inactive. The user may return at anytime to continue testing.

In general though, if you are unsure if a page should be deleted, either contact the page creator, or just leave it. There is little harm leaving a few extra pages undeleted, especially when they might be used later.

Serious deletions[edit]