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By using this site you agree to our privacy policy.

  • This site uses cookies to manage login sessions among other things. You may refuse cookies from our site but certain features may not work. Cookies may collect anonymized information about your systems including your OS and browser.
  • If you choose to edit this site without creating an account ("edit anonymously") you understand that your IP address will be made publicly available in the history of any pages you edit.
  • Additionally, even when using a registered account, the MediaWiki software (core software for the Wiki) collects information about you, including your IP address. This information is only retained temporarily (typically 30-90 days) and is only available to a limited number of trusted users (Miraheze System Administrators and CheckUsers).
  • Site staff will try its best to keep your information private, and you may request accidental on-wiki leaks be suppressed by global staff/a local Oversighter.
  • You also acknowledge the fact that trusted CheckUsers may lookup information about you, such as your IP address, to investigate cases of suspected abusive sockpuppetry (more accounts used abusively by one person).

Users should also be aware of Miraheze's global Privacy Policy, which applies to all wikis.