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In Public Test Wiki, most of the protection of pages is for testing purposes and should be reverted when the test is done in accordance to the policy stated here. However, there is actually some of the pages that is protected by a serious reason, which is known as non-test pages, and this is what this policy will cover on.

Protection levels[edit]

Allow only logged in users[edit]

This protection level have nothing do whatsoever in protecting from vandalism. However, this protection is used in TestWiki:Request permissions, when only logged in users can be granted with rights. Other pages should not be protected with this protection level given that this affects anonymous users from editing when this protection does not help with preventing vandalism after all.

Allow only autoconfirmed users[edit]

This protection level should not be used at all except there is a good reason since these users are confirmed automatically, they can evade from being reviewed by existing bureaucrats or consuls of their behaviours on other wikis before granting them rights.

Allow only administrators[edit]

This level of protection can be used temporarily when there is a sign of vandalism on pages in the TestWiki namespace like TestWiki:Administrators, except pages for community discussions such as TestWiki:Community portal. This protection can also be used when edit war occurs between two non-admin users.

Allow only bureaucrats[edit]

This protection level is used in all policy pages since they are the most important pages in TestWiki and should not be changed. This protection can also be used temporarily when edit war occurs between two non-bureaucrat users.

Allow only consuls[edit]

The protection level is used in important MediaWiki namespaces that will affect the interface of the wiki and thus should not be changed anyway except there is clear community consensus. Examples include MediaWiki:Sidebar and MediaWiki:common.css. This protection can also be used temporarily when edit war occurs between two bureaucrat users.