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Thank you for helping me on the test wiki

Summary by Doug

Administrator @: had a question on the Translate extension, and why their edits or, rather, their marking or preparing of pages weren't immediately reflected. As I explained, the tasks FuzzyBot performs as part of the extension handled by Miraheze's jobrunner servers, generally within about 5-10 minutes.


The translation tool has a semi-automatic , so I didn't understand it until you told me.Thank you for teaching me.

Doug (talkcontribs)

@: No problem. Yeah, the Translate extension is, as you say, semi-automatic in that a system maintenance bot performs the administrative tasks requested by an administrator, translation administrator, or translator. The bot's jobs are added to the job queue, which is performed by the jobrunner1 and jobrunner2 servers. That's why it's best to give it about 2-5 minutes between marking different pages for translation, preparing new pages for translation, or deleting existing translation subpages.


@Dmehus:Thank you for your reply.Thanks for letting me know how long it takes for the bot to reflect the edits.Now I don't have to worry if my edits aren't reflected right away.-- (talk) 00:12, 10 October 2020 (UTC)