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This script simply flags the BODY tag with a particular class when the page seems to be in need of review. You can then use CSS rules to apply a different style to these pages.

The "default" CSS rules turn the page backdrop orange when pending changes are present, hide the detailed box (if enabled in the user preferences) when no pending changes are present, and specifies rules to turn links to pages with pending changes orange if User:Anomie/linkclassifier is in use.


To use the script, add the following to your skin-specific javascript page:

importScript('User:Anomie/needsReview.js'); // Linkback: [[User:Anomie/needsReview.js]]

If you want to use my default CSS rules, you can also add a reference to User:Anomie/needsReview.css by placing this in your skin-specific javascript page:

importStylesheet('User:Anomie/needsReview.css'); // Linkback: [[User:Anomie/needsReview.css]]