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Greetings Earthlings

Hi my name is Aspallar and I am from Mars. Really enjoying doing some coding on your primitive Earth computers, no one has done any coding here on Mars for at least a thousand years. You just let an AI agent, we call them dolls, know what you want and that is it, it's done. Pretty boring, no fun.

Until recently accessing your archaic world network or internet as you call it was too painful to bother with, a 24 minute lag time is a little too much. Recent improvements in our quantum signalling technology, allowing instantaneous communication have now made it possible to play about with your computer systems, and I am having much fun fiddling with them.

It really is a pity that we are going to have to exterminate the human race soon.

Hopefully I will get a little time to experiment before the demise of your species.

Just here to test Wiki-Up