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RemindSign Tool, in short form called RmdSign or RS, is a semi-automated tool created by Matttest, in order to notify users when they forget to sign after leaving a message on talk pages. The tool is based on JavaScript.


This tool only works when you enable JavaScript in your browser.

Simple! Nothing needs to be configured. After installing the tool, everytime you leave a message on the talk namespace, it will automatically detect whether you sign your messages. If no then it will remind you to sign the messages. However the the tool may not notify you under the following circumstances:

  1. This tool only work in the talk namespaces like User talk. Since it doesn't work on namespaces like TestWiki, so it won't remind you if you forget to sign your comment in community portal.
  2. If you use a template to substitute your signature instead of using four tildes (~~~~), the tool won't remind you if you forget to sign your messages. If you want to use such signatures, it is recommended that you should make that signature available by four tildes at Special:Preferences.


There are two ways to install this tool. For method 1, you install the tool by adding the code manually at your common.js file. For method 2, you import the tool from the User:Matttest/RemindSign.js file. If you use method 1, then you may need to check for new updates on a regular basis at the remindsign file, as old versions may not be supported by the new JavaScript syntax anymore. For method 2, you need to trust me that I won't malicious code to the remindsign file, as once you imported the remindsign file to your common.js file, it will automatically load all codes from the remindsign file.

Method 1:

1. Open User:Matttest/RemindSign.js.
2.Copy the code to your common.js page.

Method 2:

Input the code below to your common.js page
mw.loader.load('//');//Reminder of signing talk pages


Please go to the talk page here to test the tool after installing.