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    • Buy a max (18%) quantity Divination Distillate Large Hybrid Flask
      • Vendor this trash because with leech it's basically worthless
    • Buy a few Monstrous Treasure prophecies and run shit maps (t4+ for xp)
    • Get 2/3 res + life rings..
      • Got one
    • Get more life nodes
      • Got like 18% increased lfie might still need more
    • Do prophecy chains
    • try not to rip
      • ripped a few times lived a lot more
    • figure out how to increase PhysDPS of tornado shot
      • got a +1 projectile rat's nest
      • save up for a +2 projectile rat's nest (20ex),
      • save up for +1 arrow drillneck (4-10 ex)
    • Get an Alpha's Howl and 4link it with Haste, Vaal Haste, Empower (preferably max level) and Enlighten (preferably max level)
      • hope to god that 1 white socket alpha's howl sells.. rat's nest was way better