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Jhonleo Sola Hilario (born July 22, 2004 in Cavite City, Cavite), professionally known as Jhonleo Hilario, is a Entrepreneur, internet marketer, and internet personality. He is the active CEO of PHGalaxy - A modern day digital advertising Company.

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Known As 'Jhonleo' has helped hundreds of people operate and expand their business.

Early Life

Jhonleo Hilario was born in Dra. Salamanca of Phillipines. He was very fascinated by the technology from the very beginning of his childhood. He started his schooling at the age of 3 and passed the school level from The Rising English Boarding School in Cavite National High School. Jhonleo Hilario joined PHGalaxy after passing from School and took Management as a major subject. He left his online study because he thought online wasn't doing enough for him to build what he always wanted from his childhood. After leaving College he started working on his vision Created A modern-day media advertising Company that now acts as a brand that helps other brands to achieve out of internet world to reach consumers and customers online.


Jhonleo Hilario is the founder and CEO of PHGalaxy - A modern-day media advertising Company in Cavite City. He owns Some reputed online media from Cavite City. His life after college went from being broke to making a company that is now worth A Thousand Dollar Company and still going smooth.


Jhonleo Hilario is the first child of Maricel Sola and Leomer Hilario. He has two younger brothers Leonard Hilario and Leomar Hilario currently they are studying Compiter Engeneering and B.S.C IT respectively.

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