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    Investigations, what they are, and why they exist

    An investigation is a protection from harming the Public Test Wiki.
    It is launched on a user, and for a specific reason.

    Launching an Investigation

    An Investigation can only be launched by a Bureaucrat/Consul/Admin member.
    To launch an investigation there must be a valid reason, from the reasons stated below.

    Investigation reasons

    1. Not following the Policies
    2. Vandalism
    3. Showing bad faith

    Closing an Investigation

    Only a Consul member/the original Investigation Launcher can close an Investigation.
    An Investigation can be closed in one of the following:
    1. Banning the user
    2. Removing the rights of the user
    3. Warning the user not to do so again
    4. The user is innocent/it was a misunderstanding.
    Investigations might only be closed after a week.