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Will continue to edit this on and off for a while.

Using Module:Sandbox/Spacing form/Point and Module:Sandbox/Spacing form/Point/data


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Don't reinvent the wheel. Exceptions can be made.

The Logs are delicious.

Now that's what a real Wikipeian would say.

The thunder went



(246400,-17200) is Bob's latest position

(-46800,-129200) is Potato's latest position

(-46800,-129200) is Potatoe's latest position

Closest Ndoto is N. axial, 1081.7m away.

(-550, 1500)

[nothing found]

The coordinates are (-3.14, 10.00), rounded to nearest hundredth.

6 Mißißippi

I saw a red bull today. But then it turned green.

12, 34, abc