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2019 Arbitration Committee predictions

These are the candidates for the 2019 Arbitration Committee elections on the English Wikipedia. From 22, only 11 can be voted in. The amount of arbitrators is typically 15. There are 8 currently but 4 of them are outgoing due to the expiry of their membership on December 31, 2019. Therefore there are 11 seats to be won from the elections.

  1. Hawkeye7
    • Former admin who was desysopped for cause. No reason to believe they would be a good arbitrator.
  2. Kudpung
    • Acts irrationally frequently, is short-tempered and a knee-jerker.
  3. Maxim YesY
    • Has made some good closes as a bureaucrat.
  4. Richwales
    • Not familiar with.
  5. Bradv YesY
    • Does good job although sometimes unable to look at POV from both sides. Part of a clique that regularly gangs up on good faith editors. But I feel he would still be a good arbitrator.
  6. Casliber YesY
    • Not familiar with. Seen them around and has had positive interactions so I have good impression.
  7. Calidum
    • Non-admin who has been involved with numerous disputes over the years. Has shown great partisanship, therefore there is no reason to believe he would be a neutral arbitrator.
  8. Gadfium
    • Not familiar with.
  9. Thryduulf
    • Has demonstrated incompetence in several areas.
  10. Enterprisey YesY
    • Rarely gets involved in the administrative side but does good technical work. Not sure if he would be a good arb but typically the quiet ones make the best decisions.
  11. KrakatoaKatie YesY
    • Outgoing arb who has done a good job thus far.
  12. Llywrch
    • Not familiar with.
  13. Newyorkbrad YesY
    • Former arb who's arguably the greatest English Wikipedia arbitrator of all time.
  14. Xeno
    • A bit of a drama maker and has shown tendentious behavior.
  15. David Fuchs
    • Not familiar with.
  16. Beeblebrox YesY
    • Has made good reasonable closes.
  17. SoWhy YesY
    • A bit rigid and tight on policy but might be a good thing for some balance in the committee.
  18. Worm That Turned YesY
    • Outgoing arb, has been great.
  19. Isarra
    • Not familiar with.
  20. Barkeep49 YesY
    • Follower of the letter of law rather than the spirit. Other than that, they've been excellent.
  21. DGG YesY
    • Former arb if I'm not mistaken, has shown good judgement.
  22. The Rambling Man
    • Former bureaucrat/admin who has been very noisy in recent years, very vocal in administrative matters and having a terrible block log.

I advocate for the above 11 candidates (with a tick next to their name) to be successful in the elections.


Name Prediction Result
Maxim YesY YesY
Bradv YesY YesY
Casliber YesY YesY
Enterprisey YesY ☒N
KrakatoaKatie YesY YesY
Newyorkbrad YesY YesY
Beeblebrox YesY YesY
SoWhy YesY YesY
Worm That Turned YesY YesY
Barkeep49 YesY ☒N
Hawkeye7 ☒N ☒N
Kudpung ☒N ☒N
Richwales ☒N ☒N
Calidum ☒N ☒N
Gadfium ☒N ☒N
Thryduulf ☒N ☒N
Llywrch ☒N ☒N
Xeno ☒N YesY
David Fuchs ☒N YesY
Isarra ☒N ☒N
The Rambling Man ☒N ☒N