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Welcome to the Admin School, this is a place for you to learn how to use the admin tools, and maybe become an admin on a wiki you edit!

To get started make sure you have the administrator permissions or have requested them at Request Permissions.


Go to the page User:Zippybonzo/Admin School/Rollback, and make 2 or more edits, they can be anything. Then click 'View history' in the top right corner, and then look for your username and to the right of your name you will see a button that says 'Rollback 2 edits', you click the button and then the edits you made will be reverted.


Before you jump in blocking a user, please be aware that, it is recommended to block yourself, or the Example user. You can also block another user as a test, but please make it less than 2 hours, and don't forget to unblock the user when you are done testing. To block a user, go to Special:Block and type in the username of the person you want to block, or navigate to the user talk page or the userpage, and then on the left in the sidebar, you will see a button saying block user, or in the history page, next to a users name, you will see '(talk|contribs|block)' and you click block. Then you put in the length, click confirm block, then you have blocked the user, don't forget to unblock by clicking unblock, when you are done and making the reason, test done.


In the top right of a page you will see a menu that says more, you click on the menu, you will see delete, protect, and move, you click protect and then you will see edit and a drop down menu below edit, you click the menu and click allow only administrators, or allow only autoconfirmed users, you then click one of those, and if you wish to protect against deletion, moving or protecting, you first have to click 'Unlock further protect options' and then follow the steps above.


To delete a page, click the "More" menu in the top right of a page, and click Delete. You will see a page that looks like this:

What deleting a page looks like

Enter the reason and click "Delete page", and the page will be deleted. To undelete a page, either go to Special:Undelete and find the deleted page there, or go to the page you deleted, click the "More" menu, and click Undelete. Enter the reason, click "Undelete", and the page will be undeleted.

Assigning permissions

To change a users permissions, e.g autopatrolled or confirmed, you go to Special:UserRights, input an account name, and there are 2 columns like this: File:User_rights_management.jpg|200px|thumb|right|What changing user rights looks like]] groups you cannot change, and groups you can change, you can click the check boxes in the groups you can change section and then, at the bottom of the menu, there is a text box for you to add your reasoning for changing someone’s user rights, and then you can click save.

Admin links

If you have administrator permissions, you may have noticed that in the top bar there is a link called Admin links. If you click it, you will see a lot of links like Logs, Version, Statistics, etc. You can explore them and you will see a lot of information like the number of pages, edits, active users, etc. This information can be very useful to administrators. You can start exploring by clicking Admin links in the top bar or clicking here!


If you have any questions, please ask them here.