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Flooders, or sometimes called pseudo-bots, have limited use on Public Test Wiki in that virtually anyone can request either the administrator tools or the bureaucrat bit, which, among other things, include the ability to bypass rate-limiting edit restrictions. However, its chief purpose is to prevent RC flooding for a generally high number of non-controversial, and usually minor, logged actions and/or edits. Note that edits, unless edited through the API, are not marked as bot edits, though. On TestWiki, any bureaucrat can add themselves or another user to the flood user group, for testing and to prevent flooding; however, after testing, please remember to remove your access. The key, though, is the access must be temporary. As a "rule of thumb," this is usually for a few hours, but may be for up to several days.

Flooders have the following permission:

  • Be treated as an automated process (bot)

To request to operate a full bot account, please make a request here. Any Consul will review your request for completeness and your attached source code for potential problems, errors, or vulnerabilities.