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  • Next Removal Inactive Date: 2024-03-04
  • Next Removal Date: 2024-03-11

For mostly security reasons, if you are inactive for more than 3 months (meaning that you do not edit or perform a log action in the wiki) any user rights you hold will be removed by a consul.

For the purposes of activity, StructuredDiscussions-related activity is not treated as activity, due to the way in which the findInactiveSysops.js script works. Similarly, the script will not examine edits deleted by another user. In other words, blanking a page may be treated as a request for deletion by administrators, so should be avoided.

You can edit or perform some log actions to keep your permissions before the removal. Even if your permissions are removed, you can still request at TestWiki:Request permissions to regain rights.

The removing consul must send a notification at least 7 days before rights are removed.

Consuls can use Inactive-Auto to speed up processing of the inactivity removals. (download)

Removal Procedure

  • A Consul will run the Inactivity script.
  • The removing consul will post a {{InactiveList}} on Community Noticeboard.
  • The removing consul will mass message all users with rights to be removed using {{InactiveReminder}}.
  • A week will be given to reply.
  • If you do not return to activity or reply otherwise, the removing consul will remove rights and send a {{Inactivity}}.