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  • 下一次检查不活跃用户的日期: 2022-11-11
  • 下一次实施除权的日期: 2022-11-19


For the purposes of activity, StructuredDiscussions-related activity is not treated as activity, due to the way in which the findInactiveSysops.js script works. Similarly, the script will not examine edits deleted by another user. In other words, blanking a page may be treated as a request for deletion by administrators, so should be avoided.


执行除权的执政员必须至少提前七天通知用户。 执政员可使用不活跃用户自动检测功能来加快不活跃用户的除权。 (下载)


  • 执政员运行检测脚本。
  • 在社群公告板用{{InactiveList}}模板进行公示。
  • 用{{InactiveReminder}}通知每个即将被除权的用户。
  • 等待一周。
  • 如果仍未在本站作出响应,则实施除权并用{{Inactivity}}。