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These users are excepted from rights removal for inactivity. If you would like to be added to this list please see the community portal and a Consul will decide, even though it's not that hard to re-request permissions.

User Excepted since (YYYY-MM-DD) Reason Time of exception
John 2016-01-25 Founder of Miraheze Indefinite
NDKilla 2016-01-13 Consul, steward Indefinite
Reception123 2016-01-13 Consul and founder Indefinite
revi 2016-01-13 Sysadmin emeritus, no need to remove rights Indefinite
Southparkfan 2016-01-13 Miraheze founder, Sysadmin Indefinite
Void 2017-07-20 Consul, steward, Sysadmin Indefinite
Zppix 2019-09-16 Consul Indefinite
RhinosF1 2020-01-28 Consul Indefinite
MirahezeBots 2020-01-28 Consul-operated Bot Indefinite
Dmehus 2020-08-17 Consul, steward Indefinite
Revibot 2020-09-22 Sysadmin emeritus-operated Bot Indefinite
Universal Omega 2020-11-15 Sysadmin, no need to remove rights Indefinite