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Welcome to TestWiki!
A relaxed testing environment where you can test MediaWiki alongside administrator and bureaucrat tools.

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Why join TestWiki?

TestWiki offers a relaxed environment where you can test out many aspects of MediaWiki, consider just a few reasons to join us:

  • Administrator and bureaucrat tools available for testing.
  • Dozens of extensions and skins to try out.
  • Environment where mistakes aren't punished, they're a learning experience.
  • Helpful users who are able to give advice and guide you through your testing experience.
  • Latest version of MediaWiki available to test.
  • Powered by the Miraheze network's benefits, including the ability to use your account on any Miraheze wiki.

Things to keep in mind

TestWiki is a relaxed testing space but make sure to keep some simple rules in mind. These rules help keep the community a friendly and enjoyable place to be in.

  • Make sure your edits don't interfere with the activities of other users.
  • Make sure to clean up after yourself once you finish testing. Revert all your test edits and delete pages you created once done.
  • Use common sense when deciding whether or not something is allowed.

If you have any questions about what's allowed here, please read the testing policy before asking on the community portal.

What can I test?

TestWiki offers a wide variety of things to test! Consider just what you can do on TestWiki:

  • Administrator and bureaucrat rights and tools.
  • Create pages and templates to test with or use one of our already created test pages.
  • Dozens of extensions and skins to test with no limits on them.
  • Test your own CSS or scripts on your own account.

About us

TestWiki provides an environment for users to experiment with administrator and bureaucrat permissions, templates, extensions, and other features provided by the MediaWiki software. TestWiki does not require "confirmation edits" on other projects before permissions are granted.
Even if this is a test wiki, we still have policies. Please see TestWiki:Policies.