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How do I become a steward at miraheze?

Summary by Doug

New-ish TestWiki user wondering, in good-faith, if they can become a Steward. User guided that this really isn't in the user's best interest, and advised that the reality is, Stewards have little added authority over bureaucrats on local wikis, as they're mainly a global functionary meant to facilitate local wiki communities' wishes that can't be facilitated locally for reasons that are technical or legal in nature

Eltomas2003 (talkcontribs)

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Doug (talkcontribs)

Eltomas2003 Well, for starters, why would you want to be a Steward for the Miraheze community? What would you envision yourself doing, and what would your focus be? You should know that a Steward is really, mainly, an administrative role, there to provide service to local wiki communities and bureaucrats for requests that can't be actioned locally (whether because local bureaucrats are not active or because of technical, security, or legal reasons). It does have an aspect to its role in serving as an interlocutor mediating disputes between users and wikis, from time to time, and as an investigator in its enforcement work of global policies, but by and large, as wikis are run by local wiki communities and administered by local wiki bureaucrats and administrators, there's really very little that you can't do or test technically as a bureaucrat (whether here or on your own wiki) that only a Steward can do.