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Summary by Doug

Anton notified me that they created the MediaWiki:Gadget-FastButtons interface message for the FastButtons gadget, which was one of the low priority items on my todo list. Anton was thanked for creating this interface message.

Anton (talkcontribs)

Once again I will contact you..,if it doesn't bother you, I made a system message like this: MediaWiki:Gadget-FastButtons which makes the "Gadgets" section of the setting a little finer. Because in the past it said: ⧼gadget-FastButtons⧽ so now it says the text, which I copied by the author of that code here: w:en:User:Macy/FastButtons So my purpose is good, the purpose is to help maintain this wiki. And of course Miraheze Meta.

Doug (talkcontribs)

Anton That's  great, actually. That was incidentally on my to-do list to do. So, now I can cross that off.

Anton (talkcontribs)

Nice! Nice to be able to help :)