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Juslit (talkcontribs)

Hello Doug, just saw you had blocked Theory of Eternity and wanted to clarify that I am also blocked on English Wikipedia for violating the sockpuppet policy. I just wanted to confirm that will it affect my presence on Miraheze.

Dmehus (talkcontribs)

Juslit No, that won't affect you at all. In fact, to clarify, Theory of Eternity was not blocked and locked on Miraheze because of their status on Wikimedia, and, additionally, whether Theory of Eternity/Bugambilia/Skiyomi is unlocked on the Wikimedia projects would not likely impact their potential future successful appeal on Miraheze. The reason they were blocked and locked on Miraheze was because of continued contravention of user accounts policy on Miraheze. The only reason I referenced their confirmed Wikimedia accounts was to call in question their apparently deliberate act of deception. Hope that helps.