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Startus (talkcontribs)

Hello Doug, I have created a template in my userspace (User:Startus/Template:QD-notice). If there are no issues can I move it to the template namespace? Thank you!

Dmehus (talkcontribs)

Mazzaz, sure, that seems fine; however, if you articulate a clear reason for deletion, I don't see a problem with just deleting the user's page, and perhaps modify the wording to advise the user how to request either (a) page restoration or (b) rights back (linking to TestWiki:Request permissions) so they can restore it. I would also add --~~<noinclude/>~~ to the given template, so the signature is included when it is substituted. Finally, I would also add template documentation stating the template should always be substituted. Hope that helps.

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