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    Interface administrators are users (typically administrators on most wikis; bureaucrats on this wiki) who can edit the interface (pages in MediaWiki namespace), including sitewide CSS/JavaScript pages and other users' CSS/JavaScript pages.

    Criteria for granting[edit source]

    For security reasons, it is granted only by Consuls, preferably on the user talk page of any Consul or, failing that, on TestWiki:Request permissions:

    • Bureaucrats who are:
      1. Established;
      2. Highly trusted; and
      3. Very active (as measured within the past thirty (30) calendar days).

    In addition, the requesting bureaucrat must have a clearly articulated need for requesting the bit.

    Criteria for revocation[edit source]

    The bit may be removed by either a Consul or the Consul-operated Rightsbot, as applicable, in either of the following cases:

    1. The user loses their bureaucrat bit for any reason, including for inactivity|inactivity;
    2. The user has misused the bit or is otherwise no longer sufficiently trusted; or
    3. The user is largely inactive but otherwise meets the looser inactivity policy.

    Specific user rights[edit source]

    Its full list of user group rights is as follows:

    • Edit other users' CSS files (editusercss)
    • Edit other users' JSON files (edituserjson)
    • Edit other users' JavaScript files (edituserjs)
    • Edit sitewide CSS (editsitecss)
    • Edit sitewide JSON (editsitejson)
    • Edit sitewide JavaScript (editsitejs)
    • Edit the user interface (editinterface)
    • Remove group from own account: Interface administrators

    List of interface administrators[edit source]