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User rights determination

Summary by Dmehus

Following a comment I made in this topic on my user talk page, Anton had a question on the bureaucrat's role. Anton was advised that they can definitely assist with granting all permissions within their scope at TestWiki:Request permissions, provided they follow user group policy specifically and all policies generally. They can, in limited circumstances, involve themselves in non-test administrative warnings and/or sanctions of TestWiki users, but where a Consul has made an action or a user restriction is involved, they should avoid refrain from taking any action.

Anton (talkcontribs)

Hi! Again .. :) I noticed that you said below that I am not usually allowed to make decisions about whether to grant a user administrator or bureaucratic rights. However, can I, in accordance with the rules, grant the user administrator or bureaucratic rights on the application page: TestWiki:Request permissions?

Dmehus (talkcontribs)

Anton You can definitely grant permissions, including bureaucrat, at TestWiki:Request permissions, except in cases where a Consul has previously revoked a permission or applied a restriction or sanction of some kind. Also, you can act in cases of blatant rule violations, but best practice is to warn first, sanction after. Hope that helps to clarify.