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Sysop rights[edit source]

I can't wait to become a SYSOP… (account) (talk) 15:08, 1 August 2017 (UTC)Reply

Vandal[edit source]

Remove the rights to Anniubbo. He seemed to be a good user, but he vandalised the wiki. --13Reasons (talk) 14:01, 4 August 2017 (UTC)Reply

 Done Reception123 (talk) 14:12, 4 August 2017 (UTC)Reply

Please restore recently deleted pages[edit source]

Hi Reception, I created a three templates that have been, for some reason, deleted by a another user. I would still like to be able to edit and test these if possible, especially the first one as it still needs work. Here are the following templates:

  1. Template:Article talk-page header
  2. Template:Quote-box
  3. Template:Quote-mark-left

Also, the following category - Category:Quotation templates - was also deleted, which would be helpful if it too can be restored. Thanks. Borderman (talk) 18:15, 23 August 2017 (UTC)Reply

@Borderman: It seems like those pages weren't restored after a vandalism attack. I've made you sysop now and you can restore them using Special:Undelete. Reception123 (talk) 18:25, 23 August 2017 (UTC)Reply
@Reception123: Thanks. Pages restored. Borderman (talk) 20:47, 23 August 2017 (UTC)Reply

Discussion at User_talk:SA_13_Bro#w:WP:Fram[edit source]

You are invited to join the discussion at User_talk:SA_13_Bro#w:WP:Fram. ---TestingthisThing 09:55, 18 August 2019 (UTC)Reply

A goat for you![edit source]

Because, well, goats are cute! Seriously, though, I noticed that the WikiLove extension works on Public Test Wiki now whereas it didn't when I first enabled it. Perhaps the WikiLove extension is subject to the same delay that VisualEditor is subject to?

Dmehus (talk) 02:13, 26 September 2020 (UTC)Reply

LOL, I didn't know there was a Goat WikiLove message :P Reception123 (talk) 08:39, 26 September 2020 (UTC)Reply

Request[edit source]

Hello Reception, will you please remove my bureaucrat flag? -- Jusl¡t (talk) 12:02, 10 April 2021 (UTC)Reply

 Done Reception123 (talk) 12:08, 10 April 2021 (UTC)Reply
Jusl¡t While Consuls cannot remove their own consul bit, Bureaucrats actually can, as this special page indicates. I just thought I'd point this out should you ever request the bureaucrat bit again and need to remove it from your own account. Dmehus (talk) 14:34, 10 April 2021 (UTC)Reply