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    Request permissions on TestWiki
    What is this page used for?
    • If you want to request testing permissions (as used by Administrators and/or Bureaucrats on MediaWiki sites) for this TestWiki site, you have found the right place!
    Tips for a successful request:
    • Be sure to replace Requested right with the actual user right you are requesting. You will see what we are referring to once you tap on the blue 'Request permissions' button at the bottom of this pink box.
    Important notes
    • Please be sure to review TestWiki:Policies before making any request. Specifically, you should review and understand fully both the TestWiki:Main policy and TestWiki:Testing policy, and please take care to revert or otherwise undo all your tests, in the reverse order in which you performed them.
    • Administrator user right may be granted to any registered, logged in user, but it may also be revoked for inappropriate use.
    • Bureaucrat user right will only be granted to a user who has been an administrator for 24 hours, who has at least 10 edits, and who has been deemed trustworthy.
    • Specific user rights like CheckUser and Oversight will not be given, due to the access to sensitive private information.
    • For confirmed user and autopatrolled rights, you can assign it to yourself if you are an administrator (though you can request those user groups here if you do not require and do not want the sysop tools).
    • For consul rights, that should be requested at the community portal, and gain a clear community consensus for that right to be granted. Consul is a very high-trust role and is rarely granted.
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